They draw upon their experiences…

Hebrew Academy’s art curriculum is committed to providing a rich experience in the visual arts for all students. The curriculum is designed to be cumulative through the identification of essential concepts, content, and skills which progress in complexity from kindergarten through fifth grade.  Art lessons are centered on drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, surface design and printing, clay, and paper crafts.  The presentation and expectations reflect the knowledge and concepts required to meet the cognitive and psychomotor needs of the students at each grade level. Through art production, students express ideas and feelings in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art form.  Visual arts develop students’ skills of observation and their ability to describe, interpret, evaluate, and respond to their own art work.  In addition, students are introduced to the works and styles of artists throughout history.

Our annual art display showcases the amazing talents of all our students. Students have the opportunity to submit artwork including the Water Awareness Calendar Contest sponsored by the City of Virginia Beach’s Public Utilities department, and Israeli poster contests, resulting with yearly winners. Visual arts provides students with multiple means of expression and communication, fosters the development of self-expression, and encourages lifelong appreciation of the arts.