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Students enrolled in both The Hebrew Academy of Tidewater (HAT) and the Strelitz Early Childhood Education Center (Strelitz) are intellectually curious, self-disciplined, and independent thinkers. Established in 1955, as the only pluralistic Jewish community day school in Hampton Roads we provide high quality, integrated Judaic and general studies education that establishes a strong foundation for lifelong learning in a dynamic, supportive, and enriching Jewish environment.  All families are welcomed, regardless of their denomination or level of observance.  HAT and Strelitz serve as entry points for engaged families to connect within the Jewish community and for many young parents to reunite with their Jewish roots.  Our Jewish community is stronger because of HAT and Strelitz.

Our students are involved in a holistic community where they are engaged in the world around them. They emerge from our program, accredited by the Virginia Association of Independent Schools, as better students, better people, and better citizens [CK2] because of their enriching experience that builds confidence, critical thinking skills, and strong verbal skills.  They are happy, respectful and devoted to their education because of the close student-teacher relationship, small class size and differentiated learning that takes place in the classes.

HAT Graduates excel after leaving our community and serve as leaders in their academic, philanthropic, and Jewish communities. The future of the Jewish people is stronger because HAT students are secure in their Jewish identity and have a strong commitment to the State of Israel.

Our legacy donors are visionaries like you who want to secure the Jewish future by developing the leaders of tomorrow – one student at a time.

By becoming a legacy society member, you will show the community that you:[CK5] 

  • Recognize that Jewish education is a cornerstone of our Jewish community;
  • Believe that every child, regardless of financial circumstances, deserves a Jewish day school education;
  • Understand that instilling a love for learning, Torah, and the State of Israel in our children will inspire future generations to make Judaism a vital part of their lives.

Support Jewish education for tomorrow’s generation, by leaving your Jewish legacy today!

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