Technology helps backup their true learning…

The philosophical basis of Hebrew Academy’s technology program is a commitment to promote technology as a useful tool that connects the outcomes and activities of all content areas.  In practice and implementation, the technology program acts as a tool that facilitates and enhances instruction.  However, technologies are not an end in themselves; they are the tools students use to access and analyze information, create knowledge, promote critical thinking, problem solve and learn to work collaboratively, as well as develop effective oral and written communication.

Technology is an integral part of both the Judaic and general studies curriculum.  It is used in the presentation of information and the reinforcement of concepts taught.  Computers are available in individual classrooms, the library, and in our computer lab.  Every classroom is equipped with either an Activboard, a Smart-board, or Epson BrightLink projectors which enables interactive learning. In addition, computer classes are held in the computer lab with a specialist once a week.  During this period, directed learning takes place.  Without a doubt, the benefits of technology best emerge when integrated into interactive reinforcement, enrichment activities, and project-based curricular activities in which students are the gatherers, problem solvers, and communicators of information.  Our teachers have embraced technology as a fundamental aspect of creating 21st Century learners.